Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy to be back and sharing my view on animal welfare.. but watch this sweet video first ....

Past year, have witnessed many volunteers coming forward to help out in animal shelter works, esp the youth and school children alike. These are positive development and it shows that public education by the various group of non profit organisation Animal Shelters in Singapore in proactively highlighting the serious problem of pets abandoment, neglection and stray animals abusement issues are bearing fruit.

We must keep the momentum going and stay focus in public awareness education, reaching out to the many schools to reinforce animal welfare messages to create a truely worldclass developed country with a BIG Compassionate Heart, as these school children are our future leaders and contributing citizen.

Mahatma Gandhi once said  “ The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”   

I hope that with the on going public and private education program on animal welfare and responsible pet owners will one day reduce the many sad cases of pets abandoment, neglection & stray animals abusement in Singapore.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Piggies on the run...forced out of natural habitat..

Hv been quite sometime since my last post...

.... things hv been challengingly managed for the stray animals situation in Singapore, many thanks to our animal lovers and shelter groups to educate the general population and doing their utmost to save these strays dogs, cats, rabbits...etc, some of these domesticated animals are once pets bought on impulse by their human owners ...real sad:(

 Now we hv wildboars emerging from the little pockets of wooded areas into some residential locations. Sighting of a few family herd of wild boars looking for foods at night & their presence had upsetted some pockets of the population on their preceived dangers.

Initially, I am too quite concern about wild boars roaming at nite in residential areas... however after some thoughts, I ask myself the question of why such sightings of wildboars in a city state of Singapore becoming common last few months..??

Wildboars are native animals in this part of SEA countries and usually their habitat are wooded areas, away from human presence. One of the reasons, maybe due to the escalation of urban developments in Singapore and across the causeway, resulted in driving these herds of wildboars from their once natural hibitat of wooded areas into urban areas... Not only wildboars, other small native animals sun deers, snakes, birds...etc are also victims of human's action in the name of urban development..  Whilst urban development are needed in the advancement of a country economy, we need to be sensitive NOT disrupt the balance of our eco systems.

A sanctury zone for our fast extincting native animals must be urgently established in our urban planning to safeguard their future generations for the good of human's future generations. Culling of these innocent animals roaming into human habitats due to their precieved threats to human are just an excuse for a easy way to fix the problem. We must zero into the root of the issue and not use the cruel way of cullings.. every living beings have a basic right of their own space on our little planet call Earth.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Born Free


A tribute song to our wonderful animals that are Born Free & truely belong to vast nature of wilderness....

In the next hundreds of years, will the world still has such vast wilderness of nature space for our animals to roams and thrieve or our future generation only learn about such game animals in video games...? Share yr thought..

endearing moment of reunion

beautiful music .. capturing the endearing moment of reunion with Christian, the Big cat & her human friends ..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big Cat remembers her long time friends

 A very touching true story that always bring a rush of emotion whenever I watch this video ... Animals, as in this Big Cat instinctively remember her human friends with faithfulness & feeling even though she had been released into the wild for a long time... Have a thought for animals & treat them with kindness & love ... they are part of the eco system sharing this earth with human.

.. Big Cat named Christian

A true story of lion who once shared an evironment with her human friends and then released into her natural wild.